3D printer cases for Heltec Wireless Stick Lite

Hi All,

I saw that the Wireless Stick Lite (V3) is supported in Meshtastic. Does anyone have a case that would fit it? I searched Printables and did not see any. I think one like this would be great: www.printables.com/model/118750-heltec-lora-32-case-for-meshtastic

i just took this one:

very cheap, but weatherproof solution :slight_smile:
it fits perfectly for my v3-wsl, one 18650 Batterie, and a small antenna inside.
no room inside for USB Connector

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I think that one is for the V2 but I saw earlier he’ll be updating for V3. I’m not sure if he’ll make one for the stick or not, it’s definitely possible.

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this one fits for the heltec V3 WSL… a little more rugged than the printed cases.
big enough to add a small 500-800mAh Lipo

looks really nice, but aluminium would block radio signals while it’s in the container, right?

yes, but with external antenna it should be good… atm just a 500mAh Battery, i just ordered a 1000mAh that should fit in.

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very nice, thanks for sharing! Please keep us updated about the 1000mAh you found and how it fits (and if it’s Aliexpress, a link would be appreciated :wink:

Have you considered a waterproof USB-port, or is that too cumbersome compared to just getting it out to charge?

thank you.
the 1000mAh takes its time from china :slight_smile:
when that arrives i will continue here.
also i may try to add a gps chip…to convert it to a rugged tracker…
the USB is easily accessible by unsrcewing the lid.
maybe i will have to ad a power switch, maybe its fine, using soft-off…
the remaining problem is power consumption of this device, runtime will be 1-2 days only.
when everything is ready i am planning to fill the whole thing with 2K resin to make it superrugged, but first i need bigger battery :slight_smile:
the buttons and usb will stay accesible by unscrewing the lid…battery and antenna connector will be in resin… i will add a little “air-suspension” to the battery as possible…
battery ordered: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005002941081413.html
but not yet tested if it can be squeezed in…