3d Printed Case for RAK4631


I have been working on a 3d printed case for my RAK4631 running Meshtastic. The goal was to make a very compact device. What you see below is the internal frame. Once the internal frame design is finalized I will begin work on the outer case.

Printing was done on an Elegoo Mars 3 with Siraya Blu resin. Power is from two 1200mah 4mm thick lipo batteries. I could make the device thinner by using one battery but it would mean using a smaller gps antenna. A later version may use IXOLAR 25% efficient solar cells. The RAK5005 main board has a solar controller built in so why not use it!


That really looks great!

This is really nice indeed! Can you comment on how you mounted/connected the OLED?

I have Meshtastic firmware running but have not soldered the 4 screen wires yet. It should be as simple as connecting VDD, SDA, SCL, GND, to their corresponding pins on the screen. I will hide the wiring behind the RAK board since the screen header pins are accessible from either side. The screen will be mounted using only the top 2 screws. It hangs over the RAK board with a fraction of a mm clearance. Hiding all of the wires is a big part of the design challenge.


I wired up the RAK device on a breadboard and everything seems to work! With 2x 0.3w 36x45mm solar panels the device is running and charging the battery.


Where/which solar panels specifically did you choose?

Hi b8b8 I am using Anysolar SM141K10LV. After testing it appears we may need a blocking diode. When sunny I see the battery % go up but when its not sunny the battery drain is faster than with no solar panel. RAK documentation says nothing about adding a diode. I havent had much time to work on the 3d printed case. I may try SLA printing one of your awesome cases for my T-beams!



Sorry, it is kind of an off-topic, but I’ve noticed that you are using the RAK1910 GNNS module which is using the MAX-7Q GPS module. Can you confirm that it works with meshtastic? I’m planning to buy the RAK4631 as well but I thought only the NEO-6M and NEO-M8N modules are supported…


That is really nice. Any chance you’ll make the stls available?


1910 Works fine with meshtastic

I finally had some time to do a bit of work on this case. This was just a test fit but all the parts are there except the internal Bluetooth antenna. The case will get a few mm wider to accommodate this.

At the top of case you will notice a blue button. This operates the clicky on off switch. A single screw holds the frame to the outer case. A brass insert in the frame keeps the screw from stripping the threads out.

The LCD screen is exposed here but I may print a thin window depending on the resin used in the outer case.

Here you can see the GPS antenna, clicky switch, main antenna connector and batteries. There are 2x 1200 MHz batteries stacked on top of one another.

Here the LCD screen is sitting just above the main board. The screen and main board screw directly into the frame.


It will add some height and width and another button, but you can add a user button now with IO5 from a RAK13002 IO Module | WisBlock Base Port Module | Signal Pin Header – RAKwireless Store

I’m very interested in this project. Any updates, and have you had any thoughts on posting the STLa and bom for the group?