3d Printed Case for RAK4631


I have been working on a 3d printed case for my RAK4631 running Meshtastic. The goal was to make a very compact device. What you see below is the internal frame. Once the internal frame design is finalized I will begin work on the outer case.

Printing was done on an Elegoo Mars 3 with Siraya Blu resin. Power is from two 1200mah 4mm thick lipo batteries. I could make the device thinner by using one battery but it would mean using a smaller gps antenna. A later version may use IXOLAR 25% efficient solar cells. The RAK5005 main board has a solar controller built in so why not use it!


That really looks great!

This is really nice indeed! Can you comment on how you mounted/connected the OLED?

I have Meshtastic firmware running but have not soldered the 4 screen wires yet. It should be as simple as connecting VDD, SDA, SCL, GND, to their corresponding pins on the screen. I will hide the wiring behind the RAK board since the screen header pins are accessible from either side. The screen will be mounted using only the top 2 screws. It hangs over the RAK board with a fraction of a mm clearance. Hiding all of the wires is a big part of the design challenge.


I wired up the RAK device on a breadboard and everything seems to work! With 2x 0.3w 36x45mm solar panels the device is running and charging the battery.


Where/which solar panels specifically did you choose?

Hi b8b8 I am using Anysolar SM141K10LV. After testing it appears we may need a blocking diode. When sunny I see the battery % go up but when its not sunny the battery drain is faster than with no solar panel. RAK documentation says nothing about adding a diode. I havent had much time to work on the 3d printed case. I may try SLA printing one of your awesome cases for my T-beams!

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