What 3D-printed case to use with TTGO T-beam (T22-V1.1)?

Hi folks.
Just got a pair of LIlyGo TTGO T-Beam boards (T22_V1.1) a week ago and stuff seem to work - at least I get some clear text that makes sense on the OLED display. My plan is to do some testing and pitch in where I can in the developement.
Anyway: to get the testing going I would like to put these boards into their own case. You have 2 different cases suggested for 3D print.
Which one do I pick for my boards?

Thanks in advance. I’m quite excited to get started on this project.
Best regards

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I just received a TBeam 1.1, it seems to be physically identical to the 1.0 boards. So any of the cases for the TBEAM 1.0 would be fine. I like this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3773717

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I will order that as soon as possible.

Be aware that there’s a difference between some v1.0 board and later ones - they moved the antenna slightly to the right, and older cases don’t fit. I’ve made one of these and can confirm it fits the v1.1 board, so if you compare it visually to any other design you want to use you should be able to tell if the antenna’s in the right spot.
Someone else posted their own version here (3D Printed Cases etc) that has buttons on the bottom and a larger USB access opening, and the antenna looks right to me


The case @geeksville linked to has two versions. One with the antenna in the center, and one with the antenna to the right. I was able to get one that fits.

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I’ve been working on a new case for the t-beam. Here are some shots from the v0.1 design. Next step is to add weather seals, LCD board carrier and tether attachment. Will post to thingiverse if it’s of interest to others.


That looks pretty neat, would you mind sharing it on thingiverse?

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This version looks very nice. Then we will wait for your link here in the forum as soon as you post it on Thingiverse :slightly_smiling_face:

I have an idea that might help a little maybe.
If you can, try to make an opening access behind the battery with a cover in the case, to have the possibility to change the battery without taking everything out.
Of course if you can, it would be very nice when you want to change a fully charged battery without waiting for the device to charge with the cable

I use this one too, fits perfect and has a specific GPS antenna holder. Thats how it looks like made of ASA

LINK to STL: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3773717

And assembled like this (without screws yet)


I love that case design @vlimit, I would be glad to try it out if you shared it.

I designed a larger than usual 3D-printed T-beam box (permits to use larger screens/longer pinheaders) with a cover to receive a second SMA socket for the active GPS antenna.

ScreenHunter 165

When printed upside down, it permits to:

  • mount the small ceramic antenna (remove the support material and cut out the hole so the pigtail can pass, then hotglue the ceramic antenna on top which gives already a much better reception than when stuck on the battery compartment)
  • or leave the above space intact, and cut out the hole for the 2nd SMA socket for the active GPS antenna (my 3rd tT-beam setup is wired to LoRa + GPS antennas on the rooftop)

Feel free to use, modify, share…
The link to the STL files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iav5bai4vxluv5s/AADZT4aboAOxVr0VuBjDEtAAa?dl=0


Here is another design to consider which was written in openscad.

See if you like this choice. Being openscad, I hope people can easily contribute enhancements to this design and also update it to support all hardware revisions.

Key design aim for this:

  • Hight tolerances for loose 3D printers

  • Slits for mounting straps

  • Support both IPEX and SMA antenna style

  • Support OLED

  • Support both zip tie or M3 or M2 screws to hold case together

  • Able to prop device at an angle to view screen on desk easily

A suggestion for the firmware writers would be to allow for soldering separate buttons, so we can relocate the buttons from the board to outside the board. (e.g. waterproof buttons?)


I’d love to have 3 of these printed but I couldn’t find it on thingverse.

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For my design you can download it from https://github.com/mofosyne/ttgo_tbeam_openscad_case/releases/download/20191212_t22_V1_1_Rev1/lilygo_ttgo_tbeam_case_20191212_t22_V1_1_Rev1.zip

Will eventually upload to thingyverse but gotta try it out for a few weeks before I do, just in case I need to adjust anything. This was just created today

I’m looking for this one What 3D-printed case to use with TTGO T-beam (T22-V1.1)? - #6 by vlimit
From @vlimit

What would be amazing is a mashup between a lora and frs/gmrs radio! Not necessarily integrated but share the same case and battery.

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Love this design, perfect to adapt for an arm band, please share?