Version compatibility

How well do different versions of the software and app play together?

It’s very easy to just upgrade everything to the latest version when the devices are at home, but there are some situations where devices are disconnected (or not updated) for a length of time.

An example use case would be having a cluster of devices deployed along a trail where the radios themselves just function as part of the mesh.

Is the software designed to be protocol compatible between versions? If not, is there a plan to allow future versions to be backwards compatible?

It is designed to be version compatible between versions. (This one of the reasons we use protocol buffers for all of our messaging)

That said, until 1.0 there have been a few points where releases are marked as “you must update all the nodes to at least this version” - for times when I was just too lazy or it wasn’t feasible to keep the implementation compatible.

I bet there will be one more release like that before the 1.0 release. The release date for 1.0 is TBD (based on open bugs and the small number of remaining features) but that seems like about two weeks away.