Updating to 0.9.01 not working from app

Hi, Many thanks for this incredible project, I am enjoying the experience with this concept!
I had a line pop up under the node name inviting me to update the device to the above release. When I pressed the invite and it started to progress saying allow up to 8 minutes for the operation to complete - about 20% in it disappeared from the screen. I left it a while, no change to the About version. Tried again and it disappeared from the screen. This happened repeatedly. I have now completed the update using ESPHome from the laptop and it is working.

I am using 2 x T-Beam V1.0
Huawei P20Mate

As I am new to this, is this a bug or have I done something incorrectly?



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Nope you did things right. The software update thing has a bug (your phone sent in an auto bug report) :slightly_smiling_face:. GitHub issue here: fix coming soonish (in next couple of weeks?)

Many thanks Geeksville :slight_smile: