Unable to build 1.2.20 and beyond


I have a SH1106 device, so often build firmware myself from the relevant git tag version, however lately it’s all stopped working.

After a clean checkout of meshtastic-device I can build 1.2.17 with no problem, but 1.2.20 and beyond always result in a litany of failures to find pins_arduino.h [1]

I am building with pio run, but the README, FAQ and How To Build pages at Home · meshtastic/Meshtastic-device Wiki · GitHub all return 404s, so I can’t be sure that’s correct. I’ve tried new clones, clearing ~/.platformio/ etc all to no avail. It’s as if it’s grabbing a bad copy of git+ or something like that.

Any thoughts from anybody?

  1. Compiling .pio/build/tbeam/src/RedirectablePrint.cpp.o
    compilation terminated.
    In file included from src/configuration.h:27:0,
    from src/FSCommon.h:3,
    from src/FSCommon.cpp:1:
    /home/kyleg/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoespressif32/cores/esp32/Arduino.h:185:26: fatal error: pins_arduino.h: No such file or directory

The docs just moved to a new (more professional) repo at (hopefully someone will update the links in the readme, or I’ll do it next week when back to coding).

Re the breakage: try running “pio update”. That should fix it (@mc-hamster noticed the same thing)

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Fab, thank you. I’ve updated the README with the links. Will continue to do so in the wiki if I find more. Happy to do so now that I know where the definitive version is :slight_smile:

pio update has certainly done the trick, thanks again for that!

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