Mestastic DIY question

Noob here,
I’m trying to build a couple of DIY devices using the schematic here:
I’ve triple checked my wiring but I keep getting the Critical Error #3 message on the display meaning that the radio module is not detected.
I was under the assumption that this was supported by the meshtastic-diy-v1 variant of the precompiled firmware, is this true or do I need to compile the firmware myself for the E22 module to work?
Perhaps I have a bad module, or messed up somewhere else, just wanted to know if I’m loading the right firmware.
Thank you

Using the precompiled firmware-meshtastic-diy-v1- or compiling it myself works both for me.
I used this schematic. Did not check if it differs from yours.

Thank you so much for the confirmation. I’ll look more into my issue with the schematic you linked. I really appreciate it.

Hi @chrismyers2000, yes that’s true - firmware-diy-v1 from release is for the schematics you referenced in your post. You don’t need to build it yourself. Be aware that the resistor R1 was not optional for the firmware v1.2.xx - it’s required even you do not have button soldered. So I suggest to solder R1 for a newer firmware versions.

Double check all the wiring. Do you use EBYTE E22 900M30S?

In general, you are almost done - your DIY-node is functioned. To resolve issue with radio connect to your node via serial port (use VS Code with PlatformIO - Monitor feature or use PuTTY or similar terminal). The node will write detailed log to terminal while boot up.