Ttgo lora v1.3 20190614

The V1.3 firmware had to be changed to match new used SDA, SCL pins for the OLED on this board pictured

#elif defined(TLORA_V1_3)
// This string must exactly match the case used in release file names or the android updater won't work
#define HW_VENDOR HardwareModel_TLORA_V1_1p3

#undef GPS_RX_PIN
#undef GPS_TX_PIN
#define GPS_RX_PIN 36
#define GPS_TX_PIN 13 // per @eugene

#define BATTERY_PIN 35 // A battery voltage measurement pin, voltage divider connected here to measure battery voltage

//#define I2C_SDA 4 // I2C pins for this board
//#define I2C_SCL 15

#define I2C_SDA 21 // I2C pins for this board
#define I2C_SCL 22

The Download firmware will give you a Blank screen

Anyone else has the same board?

Sounds like the same problem i have with the TTGO V1.
mentioned in the ‘Discords - # help’ group yesterday!

The latest i was able to get to work was ‘1.2.45.b674054’