TBeam User Manual and buttons IO_38?

The operation of the three buttons on the TBeam is not clear. Is there an operational description of the buttons ? Generally, I am looking for a user manual of some sort.

I think…

  1. Power button.
    Press and hold long time to start, Press for a shorter period to stop
  2. I038 IO38 ?
    Scrolls to the next screen.
    Related to the ‘dots’ on the display
  3. Reset
    Seems to reboot the firmware. Maybe used for getting the tbeam into programming mode ?

The summary looks correct.

IO38 - GPIO pin 38 on the ESP32 in meshtastic this can be used to page through the different screens. Also long press can be used to adjust screen brightness.

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yep - that’s pretty correct. In normal operation you should only need to press IO38 for operation and the power button for initial start.

No need to press the reset button.