T-Echo installing meshtastic write error?

Hey guys, I just got 2 T-Echos and im trying to install meshtastic on them. I have tried multiple usb cables, ports, and even computers and they all give me this in one form or another. The other forms being the layout of the … and ____
"Using ‘COM8’ as serial port.
Unexpected error: Write timeout
Anyone know what Im doing wrong? Im uploading with esphome flasher 1.3 winx64

It should just be a matter of connecting the Echos to the Windows/Linux/MAC OS pc and it appears as a storage device, then drag and drop the uf2 file into the root folder of the Echo, no third party flash program is required, once transferred the Echo will reboot and Meshtastic is now installed on the device.

Thank you, when I plug them in windows does report that it needs to be formatted. I formatted FAT and copy the file to the device and nothing happens. I unplug it and nothing, reset it, nothing seems to get it to install the file. I even renamed the file to a shorter name incase it was an 8.3 thing and nothing happens.
Edit: found the solution on another site, you have to double click the reset button to put it in the mode to then copy the file over

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