T-echo freezing when loosing bluetooth?

So I’m wondering if I might have found a bug on the T-echo… I’ve noted a number of times now, that if I go out and leave the T-echo at home, when I return it won’t re-connect to my phone, and the buttons don’t work to change the displayed page, or even reset the device. The only way I can get it to reset is to plug it back in to USB power and then hit the reset button. This only seems to happen when the device is running from battery, with it running connected to USB it doesn’t freeze. Is this reproducible by anyone else? Or is it just my device? Given that it only seems to happen on battery power, I’m unsure how to get any logs. Any ideas??

Edited to add, just tested with the latest 1.2.45 firmware, still doing the above.

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same behaviour with fw 1.2.44/45.

reset button only works on USB power;
freezing when bluetooth disconnects on battery only (won’t come back from sleep?);

noticed GPS sometimes flips the signs (+/-) on the coordinates (-16.696168, -50.359996 → +16.696168, +50.359996) and the main screen with the GPS satellite locks will only display a number on power on, after that always reads “0”.


thanks for pointing me here @AndreK. Would you mind making a github device bug for this and link to this thread? I’ll put it highish on my queue.


Hello, new here. Just received a pair of T-echos that are displaying the same issue.

When on USB power they functioned, on battery they functioned until the BLE connection was lost. I was plugging them back into USB to reset, but now they won’t reset either. When connected via USB I can get the bootloader to work but the device never launches the application and the power light stays a constant red. When disconnected they are fully bricked.

Welcome! It could be a low voltage cut off (low or bad battery). Otherwise you can troubleshot further using Linar’s very cool power on self test (POST) fot the T-Echo: GitHub - lyusupov/POST_TEcho: Power-on Self Test for LilyGO T-Echo (Nordic nRF52840 based) LoRaWAN

Thanks for the suggestions.