T-Echo - 1.3.20 Firmware - Won't start after update

As subject says.

Updated one of my T-Echo devices to the latest 1.3.20 uf2 file from Github.

The device has a slow blinking red LED unless I put it into the mode that I can copy files with. The e-ink screen shows 1.3.20 in the corner, but I can’t see bluetooth, or interact with the device over serial with mestastic python modules.

I could before the flash update.

I have attempted to downgrade it to 1.2.59 (what was on it before this), and I have attempted to put 1.3.20 back on it. No matter what I do, the e-ink screen is stuck with the meshtastic logo, 1.3.20 in the upper right, and “Unset” in the upper left. I can get into file mode with no issues.

Anyone out there know how I can unbrick this?


Update: When it isn’t mounted as a file device, the USB is bouncing, like it is stuck in a reboot loop maybe.

Got it working by using this file to “format” the device and then applied the original firmware I had working.

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Had you upgraded the device from 1.2 to 1.3? Did you use the install script?