T-Deck firmware 2.3.7 /2.3.8

Hi I hope someone might know or have had some experience in these new firmware’s.
I have recently flashed my T-Deck to the above new firmware’s where the TAB key is emulated by an button combination to be pressed. For the life of me I cannot get the button combination to do anything at all. I don’t know if I am the only person having this problem considering that version 2.3.7 has gone stable or if there is an condition or setting I’ve missed but no matter what combination of the button presses I tried it just has no effect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. N.S. All previous firmware’s with the old style of node selection method worked fine.


same here nothing found in the comments seems to work

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Also waiting for changing channel option …

Does the 2.3.8 bring back receiver/node picker by scrolling trackball ?!

Just passing on a message I saw earlier today on the discord server:

It looks like when PR #3695 was merged, it broke selecting DMs on the T-Deck because it relied on PR #3668 being merged for the modifier key.

i ask the same on Reddit and yes seems like the one pr wasn’t merged yet. lets see if it makes it in 2.3.9

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Does this mean T-Deck users should wait until 2.3.9 to update?
Sorry I am not PR # and Merge savy.

wait till mentioned pr is in the changelog list. currently its only usable as Bluetooth client


Here is something new but still stuck with changing channels

2.3.7 and 2.3.8 are revoked.
Try 2.3.6 or the new alpha 2.3.10

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