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Hello, @geeksville asked to post ideeas and suggestions in this section .Please edit the file and add there your ideeas instead of opening issues on github.This helps him to keep track of them.

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Sorry can’t see where i add a new topic for further development. So hope this is the right place.
for devices that don’t have screens such as the LILYGO® TTGO ESP32 SX1276. How do we get the pairing code. Would be helpful if the serial debug window showed the pairing code.
Also would be nice to set our own static pairing number in the code. I am sure there is a place in the code that this could be altered. perhaps in the config we just set a Bluetooth pair value. If it’s not set then the software assigns one.
Also if some one a notification of msg sound in the phone app. And a phone alert sound if some one types SOS. Not sure when the msg has been encrypted , but a touch pin for a button on the ESP32 that triggers an SOS msg. And other touch button pins for software definable messages.

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This is a wish list for upcomming development. all your requests are already in the pipeline. as for the no-screen bluetooth pairing:

Note: the Esp software does not work for this anymore, it is just for flashing now, and that has become redundant due to the flash from app option recently added. Personally I prefer Termite as a terminal (PC), and you can even use a phone with a terminal software and OTG connection, but it is important to set correct speed 921600 baud to get the correct output with bluetooth code.

(also, fixed bluetooth code is also a thing that is comming at some point)

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A good list. Though just FYI, if you don’t have a screen it currently also prints the pairing code out the serial port.