Setting fixed Position via admin remote

Can’t set a fixed Position via remote settings on the Android App, it is greyed out.

You can’t set a node position remotely.

Is it Not possible or is it a Feature?

If it is a Feature, I dont understand why :man_shrugging:

I’ve been stymied more than once by this. It’s a security “feature” though I’m not positive why, of all of the things they expose via remote admin, this is the one thing that was deemed too “risky.” :thinking:

I don’t see the logic in it myself. Fortunately, it’s a mistake you only tend to make once.

I would also like to know why. I don’t see how it would be a limitation of the software or protocols. Yet, I also am uncertain how it would be an issue otherwise.

The reason I need this feature is because I just recently installed a node on a 200ft tower. The node is unreachable via Bluetooth from the ground, and somehow between preparing the node and installing it, it lost its configuration data. I reconfigured it while I was on the tower, but guess what? I forgot to fix the fixed position data. So now I have a node that’s not broadcasting it’s position, and I can’t fix it unless I climb the tower again.

Frustrating, to say the absolute least.

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It is indeed a security choice, you are not able to set another nodes location. Tons of spoofed positions is of little benefit to the mesh.