Range test ideas requested

Just ordered some hardware.

These will be delivered first:
And some time next month:

I live on a hill outside Bend, OR USA.

Here is an estimated line of sight map:

With that said, what would ya’ll like to see tested?

I’m open to getting a few antennas if they don’t cost too much. And at some point I would like to setup a repeater or two on the local mountains.

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good idea. Updates here based on your findings would be great:

I’m really curious how the $11 maxon antennas listed here work out:

Also this older thread might be useful:

I tested my tbeams running 0.9.1 with the as received antenna. My base unit was in my house (on a first floor so some height gain).
I easily picked up the signal 12km away (100% on the OLED) - the terrain was fairly flat with a few smalls hills (50 metres) and lots of trees.
I would need a 868Mhz antenna (for the UK) - is there one? Thanks.