20-mile range test was a success

Had the opportunity to do a good range test this weekend. Our house is on top of a small hill, and my kids were hiking on a mountain twenty miles away. We used two T-Beams with 2.04 firmware and upgraded antennas from Amazon. Aside from some trees, we pretty much had perfect line of sight. Messages sent quickly and reliably - I’m super pleased! In hindsight, I should have sent them with another T-Beam with the stock antenna to see if that was able to make the jump too.


How did you generate the “Topo” map? Website?


Nice range test :slight_smile:
What was the signal strength showing?

Sorry - I never checked that.

What settings did you use? Long/Fast, Long/Slow, ???

They are set to the default channel with Long/Fast. I haven’t messed with setting a custom encrypted channel since jumping to 2.0