RAK10701 Field Tester....as a Meshtastic device?

I just realized that the new 10701 field tester could be an AWESOME device for meshtastic, depending on whats in there. And pretty economical.


ETA - its a 4630 in there it looks like:

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Slowly getting the display working. If I add a fill to TFT_BLACK it crashes and bootloops. Wonder if there is some problem taking on the SPI bus.

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Just an update that this device now works minus the touch part of the touchscreen.



That does look like a terrific device and almost precisely what I need for one of my projects. I just saw that this code seems to already be in the source repository.

Q: one question though: does this device have the ability to add extra sensors or read other inputs? I need to monitor at least one 12V battery and a solar panel array (just measure the current via a shunt)

If I can add those its exactly what I need.


Are you running custom Meshtastic firmware? I was looking into using the same screen with a RAK WisBlock Meshtastic starter kit. They sell the screen at Rokland and it looks like it connect via the IO slot using a RAK14014. :

Same question. I’ve got a bunch of these and would love to turn 'em into Meshtastic units. I’ve been pulling the wisblock and 4630s out and switching the bootloader to Arduino.

His PR got merged a while ago, but it’s not in the CI so you have to compile it yourself and there’s no guarantee it still works with the most recent firmware.

Interesting - how do I get it into the CI?

It needs to be added here.

Any update on how to get this running correctly on this device?

Also interested in turning RAK10701 into Meshtastic. I didn’t had luck using it as tester, so this will be better use case.