Offer to be a tester of Meshtastic in New Zealand!

Hi There to the creators and community members of Meshtastic.

I am about to embark on a scholarship programme for an IoT course here in New Zealand. I was brainstorming ideas for a wireless mesh chat app and meshtastic has come up. I would like to offer to be a tester for the project. How can we go about doing this in a mutually beneficial way?

Gaurang Ambani

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Hello fellow Kiwi :slight_smile:
First you are going to need need some LoRa radios here are a few options:
Cheaper radios:

you will need add small “oled” with this too:

With the above radios you need to solder the display to the board and use an 18650 battery or powerbank. You can 3d print a case if you have access to a printer.

These are more expensive but use an Eink display and a more efficient microcontroller but lack wifi (also includes a case and battery)

Last option is from RAK wireless they are a more modular in design and generally regarded as a higher quality:

You will need to add a GNSS unit, display and battery to the rak kit

What area of NZ are you located?

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Kia Ora Dave

What a pleasant surprise. What LoRA frequencies are legal in nz matey? I am inclined to get the TTGO T-Beam setup to be honest with you.

I am in Auckland, what about you?

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Also how many will I need? Minimum 2 I would have envisioned.

Haere mai
We actually can use a few, 864-868mhz and 915-928mhz:

I have tested on the 864-868mhz myself but I think most in NZ use 915-928 as its what the TTN network uses here.
You would need 2 to start with, I have 6 t-beams the 2 with sx1278 and 4 with the sx1262, the sx1262 has noticeably better performance its a newer chipset. The 868mhz and 915mhz t-beams are the same just different antennas. The GPS antennas that come with them are not the best.

I’m in Hamilton will have to look at setting up a link with some solar repeaters.

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Cheers Dave

Great feedback! Is there more in NZ that contribute to this project you know off? Would you be keen for a zoom call sometime?

Sure few people use meshtastic in NZ I think.
Most of the development is looked after by @geeksville and helped along by a few others on here.

Sure. I will direct message you tomorrow

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Awesome look forward to it!

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This was my testing awhile back now from Ruapehu to the Manawatu. I’ve been out of the loop for awhile but we should work on a North Island link :smile:!

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I have reached Mt Taranaki from Raglan with an omni might also be a good location to add a link to Auckland :slight_smile:

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Could set one up at Awhitu Peninsula by the light house?

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Is the 915-928 frequency still the one for Nz , am in the Wairarapa and looking to get a set up. What apps /:web sites show any current coverage ? Anything like repeater book or aprs fi etc

Max zl2mst

Hey @zl2mst, im also in the Wairarapa, looking to get a few nodes online. Are you operating anything near Masterton? Im thinking of setting up a solar node on one of the eastern hills for a relay and as a weather station.
Thanks, Mike.

Hi Mike
Im just north of Masterton , have a look at

Need outdoor antenna for home set up but would be interested in solar node project.
Do you have access to a site ?

Do you have a node up currently? I’m on tbeam, need to solder display on 2nd one perhaps tomoz

Have a wizblock in a shopping basket but just waiting to find someone other than myself to talk to.

Have Mqtt on but all contacts are much further North or international currently



Hey Max,
Awesome, ill get something on my roof soon, ill send you a message on here when that’s up and going and we will see if your in range.
Re a solar node, I have a site in mind but need to sort out permission etc. It’s up on the eastern hills near Gladstone.
Have you seen the recently established NZ Meshtastic group on Facebook? Meshtastic NZ | Facebook

Thanks Mike
No I hadnt seen the nz meshtastic group it doesnt show up in a search but have asked to join. Are you aware of any more local mesheads or nodes ?

What equipment you using ? Aliexpress is my friend, just takes time to get here


Ive got a few LORA32 boards and a t-beam. Also have on order the RAK starter kit. ive been mucking around with these boards on a different project (GXAirCom) as im a paraglider pilot.
Not aware of anyone else local sorry.

Hi gents.

I live in Carterton. A bunch of Wellingtonians are discussing getting meshtastic going in Wellington. Also someone in Marlborough. If we can all run with the same frequency range that would be a great start!

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Hey Scott,
Im in Masterton and have just put a node up on my roof, literally just powered it up now. Using the ANZ region, channel number 0, and longfast preset. See if you can mesh to me.
See this link for a NZ specific Facebook group - Meshtastic NZ | Facebook

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Thanks Mike. Found that very new group via this thread. I’ve got some 433MHz hardware, will be ordering 915MHz soon.