RAK Setup - Remote setting of Lat and Long?

So I have a couple of RAK modules without GPS. How can I REMOTELY set the lat and long of the devices once it is placed? I have the admin channel setup already.

I’ve tried sending:
meshtastic --port com3 --dest !aeb5b74c --setlat 34.8115 --setlon -86.4441
meshtastic --port com3 --dest !aeb5b74c --set lat 34.8115 --set lon -86.4441

The first one sets the node that is ON com3 to those values (I see it reboot).

What command do i need to send to a remote device to update the Lat/Long values?

You need to take the port out

Those specific commands don’t work (yet) for remote nodes with the Python CLI. Maybe you could try the C# CLI.

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And how do I do that?

this wont be the exact answer to the question:
how i do it:
when placing the node, connect by andoid-phone, let the phone give the position data to the device by bluetooth. then configure the devide to: no gps, fixed gps-coordinates, and it will automatically from now on use the gps position it just received…

I’ve not tried it yet but I think the command for the C# CLI would be:

Meshtastic.Cli fixed-position <lat> <lon> <altitude> —dest <dest>

Or use -sd to select the destination.