Proof of Concept: Message Persisting

Took a stab at seeing if this was a viable idea today. this was my approach

  • Verbatim copy the range test plugin subbing in message_persist var names & flags
    • If this were to be the approach I would need to find out how to piggy back onto the message send to append to the csv.
    • also would need to remove extraneous data.
    • probably a lot of other things I’d need to do I’m not thinking of.
  • extended the new client @Sachaw has been working on with some quickNdirty code to pull the csv file on page load and insert it into the ui message stream.
    • I didn’t look into how we’re handling seperate conversations but some sort of algo would need to be implemented to split/merge convo’s.

this was just a POC and practice exercise for me so don’t judge the jank.

This is a screenshot showing the curled message file and its contents

here is the screenshot showing those same messages in the web client

Meshtastic-device changes
Meshtastic-client changes

Would love discussion on the thoughts of if this would even be a viable approach worth pursuing?

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