Practical Range Test Results

Copying this useful comment from the devchat slack (so it doesn’t get lost):

" Placed a Lilygo T-beam a waterproof junction box, with 20000mah battery bank on top of a local mountain, using a 1/2 wave 868mhz omni directional antenna, I got a range of 30km, which was impressive."


Did some more tests, endpoint(red) stationary, powered, using GSM omnidirectional antennas (800-900Mhz) on all 3 nodes. connection acheived node1-2 andnode 1-3(while node 2 was offline) Node 2 was mobile during the test and I had connection with it all the way from its start at 12Km to I lost line of sight due to a mountain at 19.4Km. total range with 3 nodes where the middle node was high up the mountain side : 36 Km

view from middle to endpoint, just where the water stops at the left side.
view from middle to startpoint, just at the horizon


Got 5km using a TTGO on the roof of my house (it’s up on a hill) and drove around with an antenna with a magnetic mount on my car. Used “long range but slower”. It could have easily gone further, but there was a hill in the way.

The antenna is two for $13 on Amazon.