Power T-Beam without USB?

I’d like to add a fixed node on a tree (since I live on the ground floor and the tree is the only access to higher elevation that I currently have). My plan is to run +12v up the tree and use a step down converter to +5v. I’d like to keep the ability to charge an 18650, in case the power goes out. USB takes too much space and does not provide good connection in my opinion.

If I supply +5V to the 5V pin, is it going to charge the battery? The path on the PCB doesn’t seem to go to the same place as the USB +5V trace. But I don’t really know as I can’t find any schematics online.

Has anyone powered T-Beam like this?

You did not mention which type of Tbeam you own.
But follow this link and you find all the documentation including schematics.

I have “TTGO T-Beam V1.1”, so I believe it’s the SX1262 from github.
Unfortunately the schematic doesn’t answer my question because The +5V gpio pin is not on it (verified by checking manually as well as Ctrl-F “5v”). But a multimeter answered my question - the 5V GPIO is not directly connected to any of the USB pins.

When looking at the schematic, the 5V connection on the Tbeam V1 board is labeled VSYS and seems to be a 5V output and also a 5V input because it is connected to pins 38+39 IPSOUT , pin_44 Vin1, pin_7 Vin2 and pin_14 Vin3. (APX192 pins)
Also it looks like your battery will not be charged when using the 5V as your power input…

But I have not tried it out so do not blame me if you damage your board this way.
If I were you, i would use the micro-USB as the power input.

Thank you for checking that. Looks like that’s the only way.