Portduino: a unix based arduino emulator

@geeksville you seem to have unlimited creativity and energy. This seems like a very interesting project…

Does this have anything to do with the new interesting board you hint about?

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hehehe! not really that device. But more a different device described here: (supposedly I’ll receive this tablet late next week)

More context/reasons for why I’m working on this for the next few days in this recent update (mainly I want to be able to simulate / stress test meshes but using the real software):

So would you also emulate the lora chip or would it be attached to the unix machine?

In the simulation case we’d emulate everything.

In the pinetab case they have a sx1276 connected via a SPI to USB chip. I’ll write a little ‘driver’ for that usb-spi chip. So the rest of meshtastic can just run as a Linux process.