Orienteering radio control


I just bought 2 x T-Beam board for which I’m waiting to be delivered for my new project. As title said, I would like to use them to create a mesh network (I will buy more if I will succeed with these 2 first) to send data from a control to the arena. How I intend to connect them: using a sportident SRR dongle, I will open it and connect it to the T-beam using UART, theb the T-beam should create a mesh with the other one which will act as gateway connected to laptop from which I should be able to read the serial data sent by SRR dongle to the first T-Beam. The gateway one I preffer to connect by usb to laptop and read the data instead of connecting the serial pins using another usb adapter. In short, SRR dongle-----UART----->T-Beam-------meshtastic-----T-beam------usb-----laptop. Will this work? Will be an optio to connect the gateway to laptop by wifi?

Sounds like a cool use case!

If you connect the SRR Dongle via UART to the T-Beam, you can e.g. use the Serial Module in TEXTMSG mode. Then it will simply broadcast a text message of what it receives on the UART over the default channel of the mesh.

And yes, you can connect the other T-Beam by USB or Wi-Fi.

I’ve done this exact same thing myself in the recent weeks, using either Raspberry Pico, RAK Wisblock or T-Beam. All of them work.

I think the SIMPLE serial mode is better for this use case, but TEXTMSG would work too. With the simple mode you don’t need any programming at all, just connect a USB/UART converter to the gateway and you are done (e.g. https://www.waveshare.com/cp2102-usb-uart-board-type-a.htm).

With TEXTMSG, you need to write code to process the data.

Did you have any luck with this?

Not yet. Currently my project is on hold due to some other priorities. But still doing research about how to do it.