Oled screen not working properly. FW 1.2.59

I updated my T beam to the 1.2.59 firmware the other night and my oled screen will not function properly since. After powering on the screen will work just fine and can cycle between other screens no problem. Within a few mins the screen will become frozen sometimes the screen will be jumbled mess of letters, other times the screen will go black.I have to remove the battery and power back on and the screen will work again… for a few minutes. Seems to be a problem with screen time out and wake up. Anyone else having this issue?

Please try the newly released 1.2.60 and tell me whether this persists. We’ve also made a number of changes to the OLED code in 1.3 so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try this one as well. Caveat: don’t update to 1.3 but reinstall. Then do a factory reset and put your settings back on the device. The settings format has changed and is not compatible. Same goes if you want to go back to 1.2

But all that said, your problem sounds more like a hardware defect the SSD1306 screens on the t-beams have been rock solid.

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I will try the nee firmware and let you know. Its very odd occurrence. Some days the screen works no problem for hours. Then will stop functioning for an hour, maybe a day. Regardless of screen function the board still works as intended, Sending, receive, gps, LEDs all work. But unresponsive screen.

that really sounds like a sub-par connection to the screen. thermal or mechanical connection problems. if the screen is powered and the data bus drops off it keeps the last content displayed.


I updated to 1.2.60 a couple days ago and my screen has been working just fine since. I think …59 has an issue in firmware with screen sleep/ wake. Not sure though as i know nothing about coding firmware. Thanks for the help caveman!

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