Offline maps bounding box - Is it resizable?


When I want to download an area of the Open TOPO map for offline use, I’m presented with a bounding box at an arbitrary (and pretty low) zoom level (i.e. the “altitude” of my viewpoint is quite high). At that zoom level, the app wants to download around 10k tiles, which is way too much for my use case. I’d be happy with 3 or 4 square kilometers.

Is this bounding box resizable? I’m currently using the app version that is on the Google Play store, but I don’t mind installing APKs manually if that feature is not “yet” in.

If this isn’t currently possible, I’d be willing to give it a shot. I have not done Kotlin yet, but my day job is development (Java/C#), so hopefully I’d be able to contribute something, given a few pointers to nudge me in the right direction.

My initial impression of that feature was that the bounding box for download should be taking the zoom level currently in use when the user presses the button.