Off Grid Weather Station with Meshtatic

I want to create a weather station that automatically sends a text via meshtastic in regular intervals with wind speed, gust and direction data. I am a paraglider so I would like to be able to set it up on the landing zone and have it text me wind data while on launch or in the air! i already have two working tbeams so I was thinking of connecting an anemometer and wind vein to a raspberry pi then connecting that to one tbeam to send messages to another tbeam I could carry with me. I was curios if anybody has any experience with anything similar or making a weather station with raspberry pi/ Arduino. Thanks!


Where in Utah are you paragliding? If Lehi/Draper, I live on one side of the pt of the mountain and work on the other, so I’d love to help with the mesh.


This is something that I would like to have as well, but I don’t think spamming with messages is the best solution for that. I was looking for something more like custom attributes / tags of a node that will be visible by clicking / hovering over a node name similar to APRS Weather Stations This could be useful for any kind of information - like to define node icon, what resources is my node providing (for compatibility with disaster radio),…
@geeksville / @mc-hamster any idea what would be the best approach for such thing?

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Why not use the spare I/O on the T-Beam to connect to your anemometer and vane? No need for an extra RPi or Arduino.


Take a look at the work that @crossan007 has put in.

I saw this a few months ago. Looked great. I have not tried it out in a while.


I’ve been working slowly on making a Weather Station using the Sparkfun Weather Meter Kit (Weather Meter Kit - SEN-15901 - SparkFun Electronics) sending the data packets over Meshtastic. I’m just plugging these straight into a ESP32 with Meshtastic running on it.


Nice. I was thinking it would be really cool to have a recommend build and an associated plugin that easily supports interval reporting and reports on request.

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@jfirwin I live in SLC but I fly at the Point alot! None of my friends have androids so I haven’t been able to test them out. That would be awesome

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@Chiumanfu I was just looking at tutorials for RPi weather stations I didn’t realize I could do this, It even supports analog sensors! Thanks

You can also find I2C sensors and tie into the I2C pins 21 and 22.

Let me know when you’re flying and I’ll turn my radio on to your channel and we’ll see if you connect to my node!

I also don’t have android, but the desktop GUI works pretty well for me. Can’t wait for iOS, that’ll really push the project along I think.

Hi @utahmesh, did you ever get a working solution for wind speed? Im interested in the same thing for Paragliding. Would be great to use meshtastic as the remote station could also act as a node for repeating mesh messages. I would think that the MQTT module would be useful, and could see one device at the weather station site and another at a location with an internet connection.