Odd Behaviors - Restarts, Web Interface, Channel Creation Fails, PyGui

I am a newb to this, so I will just admit that to start.

Searching has failed me.


  • T-Beam v1.1 with OLED that shipped with Meshtastic - 2 of these
  • TTGO Lora ESP32 V2.1 1.6 that shipped with another firmware - 3 of these

All gear running 1.2.38.

Biggest issue: Restarts on message receive.

I am connected with BLE to one of the T-Beams with an S10+5G running the Meshtastic app. When I send a message, the node I am using works as expected (if not stuck in “device is sleeping”). When the other nodes receive the message, if they were in sleep mode already, they will sometimes reboot.

A few times I have seen the message right before the reboot.

This includes the other T-Beam as well.

I have attempted to reflash with clean firmware on all devices, including redoing the partitions. (Windows 10 using esptool and gui flasher both.)

Second Issue: Web Interface chat failure

I understand this is still in heavy development. I am able to get a T-Beam to join wifi, or even act as an AP. When I attempt to send a message via the web interface, nothing happens, and even the message I hit send on doesn’t appear in the interface. Clean flash and upload returns same results, tested on both T-Beams.

Third Issue: Channel Creation Fails

When attempting to create a channel with the meshtastic python util, it returns the following message:

PS C:\Users\zolon> meshtastic --port COM22 --ch-add admin
Connected to radio
Aborting due to: name ‘genPSKS256’ is not defined

Yet, most of the other meshtastic options work, including joining wifi.

Last issue: pygui fails to load.

When I attempt to run pygui I get the following:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “d:\python\python38\lib\”, line 194, in run_module_as_main
return run_code(code, main_globals, None,
File “d:\python\python38\lib\”, line 87, in run_code
exec(code, run_globals)
File "D:\Python\Python38\Scripts\meshtastic_pygui.exe_main
.py", line 4, in
File "d:\python\python38\lib\site-packages\meshtastic_pygui_main
.py", line 19, in
from map import mapNODE
ImportError: cannot import name ‘mapNODE’ from ‘map’ (d:\python\python38\lib\site-packages\map_init

I have attempted running this with multiple python versions, and all of the dependencies listed in the instructions show they are installed (pip, pip3, and multiple py -m or python -m methods.).

Here is the --info from the “primary” node I use:

PS C:\Users\zolon> meshtastic --port COM22 --info
Connected to radio

Owner: zolon_0fcc (zln)

My info: { “myNodeNum”: 2885291980, “hasGps”: true, “numBands”: 13, “firmwareVersion”: “1.2.38.cf4e508”, “rebootCount”: 13, “messageTimeoutMsec”: 300000, “minAppVersion”: 20200, “maxChannels”: 8 }

Nodes in mesh:
{‘num’: 2885291980, ‘user’: {‘id’: ‘!abfa0fcc’, ‘longName’: ‘zolon_0fcc’, ‘shortName’: ‘zln’, ‘macaddr’: ‘JGKr+g/M’, ‘hwModel’: ‘TBEAM’}, ‘position’: {‘latitudeI’: , ‘longitudeI’: , ‘altitude’: 261, ‘batteryLevel’: 100, ‘time’: 1622314787, ‘latitude’: , ‘longitude’: -}, ‘lastHeard’: 1622314787}
{‘num’: 2441623124, ‘user’: {‘id’: ‘!91883654’, ‘longName’: ‘Unknown 3654’, ‘shortName’: ‘?54’, ‘macaddr’: ‘UAKRiDZU’, ‘hwModel’: ‘TLORA_V2_1_1p6’}, ‘position’: {‘batteryLevel’: 78}, ‘lastHeard’: 1622314032, ‘snr’: 10.5}
{‘num’: 2441251416, ‘user’: {‘id’: ‘!91828a58’, ‘longName’: ‘Unknown 8a58’, ‘shortName’: ‘?58’, ‘macaddr’: ‘UAKRgopY’, ‘hwModel’: ‘TLORA_V2_1_1p6’}, ‘position’: {‘batteryLevel’: 45}, ‘lastHeard’: 1622314053, ‘snr’: 10.5}
{‘num’: 3519545756, ‘user’: {‘id’: ‘!d1c8019c’, ‘longName’: ‘zolon’, ‘shortName’: ‘zln’, ‘macaddr’: ‘8AjRyAGc’, ‘hwModel’: ‘TBEAM’}, ‘position’: {‘latitudeI’: , ‘longitudeI’: -, ‘altitude’: 311, ‘batteryLevel’: 68, ‘time’: 1622313921, ‘latitude’: , ‘longitude’: -}, ‘lastHeard’: 1622314771, ‘snr’: 10.0}
{‘num’: 2441250084, ‘user’: {‘id’: ‘!91828524’, ‘longName’: ‘Unknown 8524’, ‘shortName’: ‘?24’, ‘macaddr’: ‘UAKRgoUk’, ‘hwModel’: ‘TLORA_V2_1_1p6’}, ‘position’: {‘batteryLevel’: 73}, ‘lastHeard’: 1622313980, ‘snr’: 9.25}

Preferences: { “phoneTimeoutSecs”: 900, “lsSecs”: 300, “region”: “US” }

PRIMARY psk=default { “modemConfig”: “Bw125Cr48Sf4096”, “psk”: “AQ==” }

Primary channel URL:

Any help on any of these issue welcome, and I am willing to even switch to a different OS/System if needed. I can do Win10, PiOS, ubuntu (arm and x64), and MacOSX Catalina.


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The channel creation issue is related to this comment on a different thread. So that is one figured out, but still broken until merged.

The admin issue is now resolved. Solution for that is in the thread linked above this comment.

Still trying to figure out the other issues.

Web Interface Issue - This is known, and still in development for the 1.2 firmware. I dropped back to 1.1 firmware so I can use the web interface.