Notification Module

My two cents.

  1. The notification module was working but not perfect right now. If the buzzer was used with notification module, the module had to be enabled by CLI but could not be disabled by using APP. If using the device with phone, this results in the Buzzer still making noise when the device needs to be muted temporarily.
    This problem can be solved by hardware or by software. The advantage of hardware solution is that still only one MCU IO is needed. For example, a selector switch is added to provide three options, Buzzer, LED, Mute. All three options are controlled by same pulse signal from the Notification Module. The LED is controlled by the latching circuit, and the LED will light up each time it receives a pulse signal from the Notification Module, press a button to reset the latch so that turning off the LED.

  2. If the TX Power range could be defined in the variant.h for each board could be a plus. E.g. due to hardware limitations, the maximum TX Power of a certain board is limited to not higher than 14dBm, although according to the policy, 30dBm is allowed.

I have not done any external notification testing yet but ran into the issue you described trying to get support in the iOS app for the additional tax power for your station model.

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For the Notification Module, for the hardware solution by using selector switch and latching circuit, the current firmware is already good enough, no additional modification is necessary.

However, perhaps the software solution can have a lower BOM cost.

For the station edition, Iā€™m still working on the final documentation and Firmware. Will submit a PR for Station Edition Firmware soon.

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