Howto easy create a relay/router node?

hi, today was come my router board, i’found in the ESP32 without GPS. where i’can found all settings for a router/relay? or i’have to upload this *.ufs file … but how i’do this at my linux console?

is there some FAQ what describe to prepare a router/relay, step by step?

second, should this router/relay over wifi have internet connection?

thx for help

No need for the router to have an internet connection.

For now (this will get better in the future) the only way to tell a node it is a dedicated router is to install meshtastic-python (see the readme on GitHub). Then run “meshtastic --set is_router true”. The node will then remember that setting.

So, here i’was create a smal script what will set all parameters, for a node, if you was flash the latest firmeware. fell free to optimize, if i’was do something wrong. you have to modify with your location and ownername.

echo “Set all Router Parameter”
meshtastic --setowner KR-Relay
meshtastic --settime
meshtastic --set is_low_power false
meshtastic --setchan tx_power 100
meshtastic --set position_broadcast_secs 300
meshtastic --set is_router true
meshtastic --setlat 25.1 --setlon 11.4 --setalt 120
meshtastic --info

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Two recommendations:

Remove the is_low_power and the tx_power_lines.

Is_low_power defaults to false and very few people ever need to set that to true.

Tx_power defaults to the max power your radio can do for your region and be guaranteed to not burn itself up. I’d recommend not changing from that default of zero.

Otherwise looks great

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Hmm. Also for a router better to leave it broadcast position with the default rate (i.e. leave it zero). A router doesn’t move and should not waste airtime sending it’s position repeatedly.

The default for routers is to only send every few hours (or if a new node joins the mesh)

ok so here all steps, based on linux console, but maybe at mac console, it work the same.

First, flash your Device with the right and latest Firmeware, in my case it is a Heltec ESP32

./ -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -f firmware-heltec-EU865-1.1.32.bin

Now create the script and modify the paramter “owner” and GPS position
set it to chmod 777
and fire it up!

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Remove broadcast_position_secs and I think it will be perfect.

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DONE! :wink: Maybe later, if it work! there will set also parameter for a MQTT server. And Wifi, connection!

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