Meshtastic with ATAK - new user

Sorry for the usual ‘bone’ new user question but before I splurge on a dozen boards and battery’s + printed cases I thought I would ask the experts first:

I have been approached by my local church with regards to off- grid comms in the event of civil unrest/disaster with creating a 72hr bug out plan as I’m ex British Army (Regt’l Signals instructor).

My plan is to run ATAK over meshtastic due to the geographic spread of the congregation (2 Miles~) and that will allow situational awareness rather than anybody bailing out along a route to a meeting point that is dangerous.

My plan is to pur-chase the Lillygo Ttgo esp32 T beam boards and Panasonic NCR18650B Green Li-Ion 18650 Rechargeable Batteries (two each).

I’ve not had hands on on these kits however I’m confident that I can solder the screens on and i believe most of the boards come pre flashed now with the relevant firmware, my main question is essentially is this a feasible plan - How well does atak 4,6,0,1 play with meshtastic. Most of my plan derives from this:
How to Use ATAK with Meshtastic - YouTube s2 underground’s guide to meshtastic /atak which i found superb.

I hope this isn’t too much of an open ended and convoluted question as i didn’t just want to write “any atak users? How’d it go?”

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hey Matt,

I have ATAK, 1.2.52 Meshtastic, and have the lilygo Tbeams. Installed the ATAK forwarder plugin and works great. I’m a new user so still trying to figuring everything out in the 2 apps and its capabilities and limits.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Can’t find the Forwarder setup in the new version of ATAK. The GUI is different from what I’m use to in my older ver. (4.3)

Awesome, looks promising, didn’t want folks paying with their hard-earned without confirming with the hive-mind first.
Thanks for getting back to me.

Hi, thanks for the reply - new as I am to this I believe the way to find your atak forwarder version no. is: settings, Tool preferences, package management - click on the notes icon and I believe there’s load/unload and uninstall there too.

Would be great to see who’s running what and how it does, maybe get a poll running.

I’ll go first:-
No hardware yet.
Google Pixel 4a - Android 12
Atak 4,6,0,1
ATAK forwarder 1.0.6.(1) credit: Paul Mandall (awesome - Thanks Paul, really looking forward to having a play with this.)

Many thanks folks
Awesome forum cheers!

This is fantastic… WinTAK/ATAK are one of the services being worked on for the AREDN mesh network. Thanks for the great work on this!

I have just started to play around with ATAK (from the playstore) and Meshtastic (1.2.52). I managed to install ATAK v4.6.0.4 on my Samsung SM-T575. I have downloaded the ATAK forwarder beta version: 1.0.6-1-4.5.1 from the google drive linked to the github of the Forwarder project. My problem is, the plugin doesn’t appear in the Plugins list. I managed to install other plugins which appear in the list (TAK Chat e.g.), but the Forwarder doesn’t appear to be installed.
What should I try to get it installed?

Same here, download Google authenticator, go to, sign up and download the full release version of 4,6,0,4 - presto, the atak forwarder will appear in the plugin section ready to load additionally you get all the plugins including full Google routing from the vns plugin!

Do they accept downloads from non US persons? I am in Switzerland

I’m in the UK, so i wouldn’t see it as a problem. I asked the same question in the CivTak discord and got told the same by an Ozzy!
Incidentally you are better off in Discord for this topic there is pages of info on there!

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