Need a cheap android phone to try out meshtastic with

I want to try meshtastic, but I’m an iphone user. I’m looking for a cheap android phone that is compatible with the t beams and meshtastic. I’m finding some on ebay for about 15 each, which would be a great price range for me. Are any of those cheap phones on ebay good for this, or will I be asking for problems?

Recent discussions landed with the recommendation that any android device should have Android 6 or newer. This is due to BT improvements that occurred in Android 6. (Current Android is version 11). When looking for a device, it could be a tablet instead of a smartphone, so the Amazon Fire tablets etc might be a good option too, depending on the use case.

Here is the recent forum thread I was referring to: Recommended min android version and cheap (but good) devices

Thanks! I read through the thread you linked, and I found these:

I’m not well versed in android stuff. Do you know of any reason these older ones wouldn’t work? They’re from last year, so I imagine they’re still able to run the current version.

I’m pretty set on the t beam, so I wouldn’t need the GPS in a phone.

Do you have XCode installed? Would you like to try the iPhone app?

I don’t know what XCode is. But hell yes I would love to use my iphone if at all possible. Is there an iphone version of meshtastic in beta or something?

I am currently developing a cross-platform app and looking for testers. It’s at an early stage and needs to be compiled locally on a mac with XCode to be deployed to an iPhone.

For casual usage I suggest Android.

@Anelito I have XCode installed and would like to try but found the github iOS repository was empty. How do I go about getting and compiling this ( I’ve only used the arduino IDE, platformIO and VS code to programme microprocessors but imagine this isn’t much different)?

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I’m a PC user. Yep, I swing both ways lol.

Hey, I have Xcode and would love to test your app

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I think the app just was placed on the amazon App Store so it can be used on kindle fires if you don’t need gps, they are around $50

Does anyone know if the Amazon Fire 7 will work? They’re on sale right now for 35.

I plan on trying it as soon as my t beam finally gets here. I think I read in the post that geeksville has tested it and it works. He didn’t actually say the model he used but did mention $50 so it is probably the kindle fire 7 like the one you posted.


yes that will work fine. that is my ‘target’ Amazon device that I test against.