My Mac can "share position" but not my iPad. Software issue?

I have tried switching radio devices to see whether this could be a hardware issue. It seems not. On the message sending and receive page I see “Share Position” just over the message entry space if I am looking at my MacBook Pro. But if I look on the same screen on my iPad, there is nothing. If I click on "Share position from my PC to my iPad"thden ":round_pushpin: Meshtastic 9bb4 has shared their position and requested a response with your position. appears in the message box. When I push send it takes a while. However, it shows up as acknowledged.

That message shows up on my iPad, but there is no “Share Position” link/button to push.

I’m new to a ll of this and just trying to test things out step by step. I’m stumped on this one. Is it possible that the iOS software is just lacking this facility? Or am I doing my usual “Operator Error!” routine?

There is no text on iPad and iOS but there is a pin icon for the share position function on all three platforms.

Thank you.

Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 9.16.41 PM
I see the pin icon on my MacBook Pro but only as part of my Message screen, and not anywhere else, and not on my iPad screen. What am I missing?

I found it. It comes up with the keyboard!

Thanks again.