Mulitple radios will not build a mesh

Another newbie question: I have three TBeam that I have successfully flashed 1.2.45.b674054 using a Linux host - all indications look good.

I have set the region; I have the default primary channel, and configured two secondary channels… All from the same URL.

The problem is that they will not form a mesh.

Using the CLI - “meshtastic --nodes” will only show the current node that is attached via USB.

What am I overlooking?

Does it work with just the default channel, no secondaries?

The default channel did not work either, which was my motivation to create the secondary channels.

Secondary channels don’t matter if primary doesn’t work. Radio settings are determined by primary. Reset the channel setting back to default.

For the benefit of others that may stumble across this post.

My problem was that I was setting the region variable to US (which is also the default), and I have 433 Mhz radios. The language in the Channel Settings stresses the importance of setting for the country to work in - I did not draw the connection to radio’s frequency.

Setting the region to EU433 fixed my problem.