MQTT and my Questions

Hi, first i‘must say love this way to create groups global.

her some questions about what i was think.

  1. will it be possible only subscribe some channels? Global or Privat?
  2. will it be possible to send the gps information to specific subscribed channels or go the gps info always around the world? if the user dont want to give the gps info not global but to some channels yes
  3. will be there later a list, with global channels in a menue where it is possible make easy a subscription with the option GPS yes or no?
  4. will be there a global distress channel for „pleace i‘m need help“ questions?
  5. i‘was correct understand, if there is one device with internet connection and mqtt enabled, it will relay all messages etc. to the local mesh network and will also routing over a local node?

Last: the server will be 24/7 365 days in the year online?

so, this was my questions … thanks for a answer :wink:

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its a bit difficult to comment on possible features in detail, as global channels and MQTT integration are still in early development.

  1. all channels are private in a sense, as they are encrypted based on unique data contained in the QR Code used to configure them. the default (LongSlow-V) comes preconfigured. right now you can only use one single channel at a time.

  2. my understanding is MQTT text (TEXT_MESSAGE_APP) is also encrypted based on channel data, so doing the same to NODEINFO_APP & POSITION_APP sounds like feasible and a good idea, if not already done.

  3. and yes, the goal is to provide a gateway to and from the internet via MQTT.

nothing is 24/7 365 days online :wink:, but anyone can host their own MQTT server with command --set mqtt_server.

I have my own MQTT server (mosquitto). My server requires authentication (it’s private) how do I tell meshtastic to honor a username and password for my MQTT server?

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