Motion sensor for driveway alarm

Hi All,
this is the developer of FreeTAKServer, it’s our intention to integrate various system of communication into ATAK (e.g. GoTenna, Radacat and so on). However what is really missing is a motion sensor that would send a signal over LORA for perimeter breach.
Being very bad with hardware I wonder how difficult would be to use the meshtastic code base for it, only adding the sensor to the board?
It’s feasible?

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currently you would have to do a bit of device software (essentially using the same API we use for sending position and data packets).

One of the firstish items in 1.0 (which I bet will be starting in about 2 weeks at current rates of bug discovery/fixing?) will be some sort of MQTT layer (and probably we will refactor our current ‘app’ to be built on top of this same layer). This MQTT layer will be built on top of the existing protobuf API.

At that point it will be quite easy for you to add custom code that publishes whatever you want to a (local mesh or internet visible MQTT gateway). So you’d see the GPIO change and then it would do the publish.


I would be very interested to see this when it is done.

Not requiring that all the nodes be CLOS from the gateway would make things much easier when monitoring water levels in tanks and cattle troughs in hilly terrain and other, similar, monitoring systems.

I find the MQTT transport very effective with high SF LoRa nodes on monitored points that don’t have rapid swings in value within 2Km in a point to point network and think the mesh idea is a great concept.