Ttgolorav1 'offgrid' project relaying analog signals to end node (gateway)

Hi all,
I am fairly new to esp programming etc. but have been tasked with developing a prototype which requires a mesh topology network over lora with an ‘end node/gateway’ which will then connect to mqqt/cloud etc. for data manipulation.

i tried to initially make use of :
which makes use of the radiohead library. i ran into numerous problems with this and decided to try meshtastic…

has anyone done something similar?

basically, i do not require the bluetooth/gps/android app in meshtastic.

i need to measure analog inputs (voltage) on the nodes, and this then needs to be relayed upstream until it reaches the gateway which must then publish to mqqt/cloud and notify the user of low voltage etc.on certain nodes.

any advice and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards,

if you’re looking at Meshtastic as a simple(r) solution you probably want to avoid customizing code and use CLI/API to send messages with the information you need. that would require something like a RPi on each node though.

are you familiar with Andreas Spiess YT channel? his latest videos have some similarities with your project using TTN: LoRaWAN V3 Mailbox Notifier (TTN) - YouTube