Most stable board

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a pair of devices for everyday use. I’ve gone though the list of compatible hardware and there are many options available. Which one of the boards should I get if I want reliability? First I thought I get two T-echos, but they seem to have issues with deep sleep mode still according to what I’ve read here on the forum. The next option I had in mind was the Heltec V2 board since they are around long enough and the manufacturer sells a nice case with them. However, I wasn’t able to find enough information on their reliability. What I don’t want to be dealing with is having to wake the device up from deep sleep regularly in order to be able to use it.

Would you guys recommend the Heltec LoRa V2 board? If not, which board would you recommend?


right now, T-Echos are probably the worst choice for stability.

can’t go wrong with T-Beams. there are many flavors, SX1262 radios are better, pick better NEO-M8N GPS with IPEX connector (smaller form factor) or good old NEO-M6N GPS with SMA (more robust).

I would choose the TTGO Lora over the Heltecs. and for hardware quality, RAK stands out.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Regarding the RAK hardware quality, are you referring to the nrf52 based RAK4631 board? I have not seen them offering ESP32 based LoRa boards…

correct. they have the newer nRF52 like the T-Echos.

I was assuming that if the nrf52+SX1262 based T-echos are not stable enough, therefore the nrf52+SX1262 RAK boards also aren’t stable enough. Isn’t that the case?