Model type vs current draw

Is there a link somewhere that shows all of the available Meshtastic compatible boards vs current draw?

I’m looking to get the most efficient unit for a solar powered remote repeater node (are all units capable of 1W output power?)

There’s nothing official, only what folks have posted in Discord with their testing. The most power efficient for solar is going to be Rak, without question.

No, most units are not capable of 1W. I could be wrong but I think the only one as of yet is the custom Hydra board.

There is a solar power channel on discord with a lot of info, esp32 uses 10x the power so not the choice for solar.

And the Station G1 device.

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Oops! Always forget as I don’t have one. Yup! This too!

Also there’s the NanoVHF boards.

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