Mobile node power and re-charging station

Mobile node re-charging station

Thought it best to be able to re-charge my T-echo even if there is no mains power. This can also power a fixed node 24/7 as well as charge the T-echo.

Kit can be used on window sill or on the go, camping etc. Also suitable to leave in car - with a fixed node running off USB C port of the Waveshare Solar Manager C in car.

I am using protected batteries because this kit will be indoors and in baggage.

I have not yet tested how many times a full 12000 mAh charge allows the T-echo to recharge. The solar panel can charge the T-echo directly, of course. But this design is for charging it overnight and being on the go with the T-echo.

Parts for my T-echo solar charging station:

Node T-echo: T-Echo Meshtastic – LILYGO® , Ali Express

Antenna: Taoglas FW.86.B.SMA.M - Antenne, ISM, 850 … 890 MHz, 240mm, 3.5 dBi, SMA male, Verschraubung, Taoglas Distrelect Art. Nr. 302-85-131 Manuf. Teilnr. FW.86.B.SMA.M

Solar Panel: 10W 18V flexible Semi-flexible Polycrystalline silicon Solar Panel (18V 10W), Supports 5V regulated output | Semi Flexible Solar Panel (18V 10W) SKU: 24167

Solar power manager: Waveshare Solar Manager C Solar Power Manager (C), Supports 3x 18650 Batteries, Multi Protection Circuits SKU: 20909

You need to set the the panel voltage for MPPT tracking using tiny switch accessible by unscrewing the base of the casing!

Batteries: 3 x 4000mAh , Keeppower 18650 - 4000mAh 3,6V - 3,7V Li-Ion-Akku geschützt Protected (Pluspol erhöht - Positive Pole raised) P1840C Art.ID: 12099 Keeppower 18650 - 4000mAh 3,6V - 3,7V Li-Ion-Akku geschützt (Pluspol erhöht) P1840C |

USBA-USBC Cable: 10 cm

Duct tape of course !

I had to consult Prof H. Robinson about how to make the jack and socket arrangement sturdy and came up with a jig using brass risers and perspex (plexiglass) sheets and … of course… small cable ties. You need thick perspex sheets if you are using a cable-tie else the sheets break. Very iffy arrangement but did not want this kit to break when wobbled about in car.

Probably more professional to solder solar panel wires into box interior but this looked really iffy and I did not want to lose the convenience of a jack.