Does the board manage charging of the battery if plugged in to usb Power source?

I have some wonderful solar panels that are waterproof and have a 5v usb port on the side, I looked through the forums but didn’t see an answer to my question which is this. If I have a battery installed and have the unit plugged in to a usb power source, in this case my cool solar panels with usb port, will the board manage the charging like a charge regulator ie won’t over charge etc when it has both a battery and usb power source?

Here’s the specs and pic of the panel
6 watts
5.5v usb output

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I guess it depends on which boards you are using?

I have TBeams and they have a built in charging circuit so yes they can change the lipo battery safely and run the device at the same time

Glad you asked I was wondering the same thing. This will make it easy to build a repeater.

Reason I’m asking is of course because I want to deploy some out in remote areas without access to power and want them self sufficient so to speak, and not need to be checked all the time. Set it and forget it lol

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From what I can google, seems the lilygo T-Beam has the IC AXP192 Power system management IC. Guess I’ll have to wait till my boards arrive to fully confirm. Will update post with definitive answer, Thanks for your reply Paulcart1, that lead me in the right direction.

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Hmmm Interesting Mr Tolkien, I do have a backup plan that I know will work as I have used it for some portable Pi projects and it uses the same power (USB) as the meshtastic. Basically a charge controller board with Lipo battery with usb out and mini usb in (from solar) so basically the same thing you have but I’d rather just put a battery in the board and then hook it to a solar panel like the one I have that has a usb port on it (convenient) and just let it go. Here’s a pic of the board and battery I use in my Pi projects:

Here’s the solar panel I’m planning on using , this is not where I bought them from but is a pretty good price, I just googled SunStreamPro

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