Misconfigured T-Beam 868

Hi, long story short, I started with a EU433 setup, T-Echo and a T-Beam both working fine. I however realised I should have gone EU868.

I purchased a T-Beam 868 and in the process of setting it up selected the wrong frequency on initial setup, selecting EU433! Rebooted and worked fine, then I noticed it discovered my 2 other original 433 devices!

Realising my error I corrected the T-Beam 868 to EU868 and it no longer sees the other devices as expected.

My question is how and why did the 868 device see the 433 , and vica versa? The new T-Beam859 and my T-Echo 433 were standing next to each other.

Any ideas?

It can be set to EU433, but it will just perform very poor. The hardware is tuned for around 868MHz, so you will not get a lot of range, but they can work when standing next to each other.

Yup, that answers that then.

I was surprised that it could be tuned to that frequency, I would have thought it would have been locked to a certain frequency range.