Meshtastic sensor nodes without a computer

Good day everyone. I’m currently doing an investigation into implementing a backup mesh network between beaglebone-based devices which are located on telecoms towers in rural areas of Africa. From my understanding, Meshtastic should be very capable of achieving that using the Python CLI on the beaglebone and some Lilygo TTGO LoRa devices. I have a question though:

If, at each of these nodes, I wanted to add some low-power sensors (eg. temp/humidity sensors), these sensors, to save on cost, would be lower power devices utilizing Arduinos are Raspberry pi picos without a tethered computer. Has anyone here tried implementing something like this? I almost want those sensor nodes to behave similarly to the endpoint of a LoRaWAN network, seeing the beaglebone as a Gateway.

This is the module you want Serial Module Configuration | Meshtastic

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