Meshtastic Android 1.2.53 alpha

Read Me : Don’t use this if you have Android 12 on your phone

This is not in Google Play or Amazon.

What’s Changed

Full Changelog : 1.2.52…1.2.53


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andrekir and slavino


Does this fix the behavior where providing location to the mesh does not use the phone’s GPS?

if you are asking about issue #337, it is not related.

This release changes how Bluetooth devices are added, moving away from the classic method of scanning Bluetooth all the time.

If you don’t see your device listed, add or change devices clicking the (+) button.

add button


NOTE: Android 12 users recommend staying with 1.2.52 for now. seeing some crashes going on.

working on it.

Great, BT connect for dummys !
Zello look like :slight_smile:

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Android 10
When open MAP sometimes APP crash

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happened to me once, but seems rare and random. if you find any pattern or steps to reproduce the crash let me know.

I got this 4x times, tap the top bar functions buttons from right to left and back

Quest, be possible to turn off position/location and user decide if he use this function without the APP keep asking with popups screen?

absolutely. now unless “Provide location to mesh” is checked, android 8+ can run without location permission and shouldn’t show any dialogs, pop-ups, etc.

if you still get something let me know what the message says, I’ll have a look.