Mesh protocol plumbing

I was thinking that if we have a group of users that are all within range (known by rssi) if we could implement a way one can send a group message to all (such as gps) and since all hear then after a time slot the next one send it’s gps coordinates. This way so there is no routing when it is not needed. And if one node of the group is out of range then it will be routed to it since it did not respond. Also this will help with data transfer since nodes can send the difference based on the first nodes gps coordinates. So something like group messages in the network layer.

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Oh yes. I’m a big fan of both of these ideas, that’s part of the reason I prefer the devices with GPS. Fundamentally I think there are two separate improvements to be made:

  • Using a common notion of time allow meshes that have nothing to send to quickly transition to a state where *even the Lora receivers" are powered off. Briefly once every 30secs, all receivers wake and listen to see if anyone is starting to transmit. This improvement will lower the (already quite low) power consumption to absurdly low. This will allow “permanent” router nodes to work with a smaller solar panel.

  • Store and forward messaging is helpful when the topology is changing and at times some portions of the net are partitioned.

The though is that removing the relay will make the data transfer faster and less redundant. So node 1 sends to 2-5 at once not 1 sends to 5 and then to 3.

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