Mesh Hardware Compare(0619)

ver 0619.2

Hardware Compare

RAK Module Compare


Wisblock is not quite right, you can build a NRF52 or an ESP32

We should add a hardware table like this to the Wiki.

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Wisblock is not complete.

the rak site mentions 4 base models.

the ‘old’ rak5005-0 has the micro-USB
all others have the USB-C

Thank you. I modified it.

Thank you. I made RAK version too.

Good work.

Still the ‘evidence’ on the rak site strongly suggests that the rak 19003 has a USB_C connection. :grin:

Thank you so much. I modified, too.

Very nice table! Just one comment: I find “o” for “present” and “x” for “not present” somewhat confusing. Maybe better put “+” and “-”?

Thank you. I have changed.