Manage Meshtastic nodes through the web interface

Tested the web interface and it is great and works well.

Meshtastic nodes are connected to the Wi-Fi network, computers in the Wi-Fi network (e.g. Raspberry pi) establish intranet tunnels, public network devices access the tunnels and can manage Meshtastic nodes using Meshtastic-python or remote desktop.

Meshtastic firmware v1.2.52 / T-BEAM v1.

Amazing! So glad that this feature is present.

I like that you can message specific nodes/users from the web interface, not seen this with the Android App, only with meshtastic-python command line interface

However the web interface is under continuous development and already looks different with the daily bleeding build, today 20 Jan 2022

Hello @ccc , I would like to have this web page, how did you do it? thank you in advance

You need Meshtastic firmware v1.2.52 on your node

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