Limited Run - Meshtastic Stickers!

Oh hai!

We have a limited run of Meshtastic Stickers. Designed by KeithMon, these are 2" x 1.74", printed on high quality vinyl that is water and sun resistant. I have similar stickers on water bottles that have survived years, including runs in the dishwasher.

Quantity Price Price / Ea
1 $4.00 $4.00 Free Shipping (No Tracking) - USA Only
2 $6.00 $3.00 Free Shipping (No Tracking) - USA Only
5 $12.50 $2.50 Free First Class Tracking - USA Only
10 $22.50 $2.25 Free First Class Tracking - USA Only
25 $50.00 $2.00 Free USPS Priority + Insurance & Tracking - USA Only

100% of profits after expenses will be donated back to Meshtastic. If interested, send me a private message with the number of stickers you’d like and I’ll send you a PayPal money request link. I don’t stuff envelopes for a living, so please give me a few days for processing.

These will be available until either I get tired of stuffing envelopes or we run out. Which ever comes first!


This sticker looks sweet, but if you’re going through airport security, the tagline at the bottom might irk the security checkpoint officials.

That’s my secret. I always irk the security checkpoint officials.


Can we have a high-res file when either you run out of patience or stickers? :grin:


Aw man, that’s a great idea.

Like @kokroo I agree the tagline might make some uneasy, so future versions could include a QR code?

Feel free to send some to me in the UK if you have any left over :slight_smile: Alternatively, can you send the design and I’ll try and find a UK printer :smiley:

My partner is increasingly uncomfortable with my homemade devices enclosed in food containers sitting on the dashboard of the car! Keep expecting to come back to a safely detonated car!


I always bring radio gear and a few laptops so I’m always a scene in airports. I had a great time a week ago in SFO with my IC705 and 45 lbs of antenna wire in my carry-on along with tons of various electronics. Used up over 10 of those automatic loaded trays because of course it was going to be a full repack. Most officers are just curious and want to know more about your cool stuff but every once in a while you get a dud.

I absolutely can’t wait to have a few of these stickers for my TSA joyrides :stuck_out_tongue:


I bring scuba gear when I fly, including leadshot for weights. Every once in a while, they open a bag on the weight and spill the lead everywhere in my luggage.

Not only is it annoying, but I can’t take that weight with me when I dive because I can’t risk dumping lead in a sensitive underwater reserve.

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I’d love to grab 10 if you make a run without the bottom line in the future! These look great.

har,har, Kater Carlo said.
If I want go to the US of A. with this sticker on my Velcro i will never, never, sit in the plane.
My face will hit hard the ground on the Frankfurt Airport bottom…
Buuuut I must have this sticker, wy do you dont sent it to old Germany, what have I U done(yes,yes) ??? :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: I feel some discrimate: Murdock from the A-Team

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Will keep that in mind. Gotta make my money back on this run first. :slight_smile: