Is this possible, Lora receive msg and serially transmit it?

Hello again everyone. I am able to successfully send a message from my ESP32 board to my Lilygo lora t-beam sx1262. I figured that part out finally!

However, my new problem is trying to figure out how to get that message to send on command or when I request it. I hope that I can request it from my homebase to sender1 or sender2 lora boards. Maybe the home base sends a message to the connected channel and the sender1 lora recieves it and serially sends the message as well? I would then have to just handle it on my ESP32. Is something like this possible? Can the lora transmit serially? I know it can receive serially so far.

I have TX and RX already connected and configed in the mesh app.

#define LORA_RX_PIN 16
#define LORA_TX_PIN 17

Lora config
serial enabled
echo enabled
RX 13
TX 14
serial mode textmsg
override console serial port enabled

I just want to be able to remotely control my receiver lora/esp board set up from the home base lora/esp one…

Homebase will send message/button/switch/or whatever will work to just get the command across.

Receiver notices the command and then sends the sensor data back to the homebase.

Right now I just have the sensor sending the data back to homebase in set intervals…

Hi! I’m also a starter and I just want to know how you managed to send sensor data through Lora? Did you connect your sensor to a MCU which then sends data to the T-Beam that is a part of the mesh? And for the T-Beam to receive the data and display it, did you upload the receiver repo from the github?


@lakindumuhandirumge I have an RS485 sensor connected and sending its register data to my ESP32 MCU. This ESP32 is connected serially, TX and RX, to my lora lilygo tbeam sx1262 board. I configured my lora board through the app and I wrote my own Arduino code to handle the sensor data and send it through this serial connection.

For the lora tbeam board to display it on the OLED, I have my lora tbeam config to “TEXTMSG” which handles the displaying it to the channels and the OLED for me.

I did not want to try to mess with the github stuff they have because I dont fully understand that and how to properly use it.

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@Levy Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have a RAK 4631 Core module with a MQ2 Sensor attached to it. I am hoping to send data wirelessly to a T-Beam through meshtastic but cannot figure out the necessary libraries to receive and send data.
Could you kindly tell me the libraries that you used for yours?

@lakindumuhandirumge If you are wirelessly trying to send sensor data to the tbeam board… I am not sure how to do it because I have mine set up serially connected (Directly wired ESP32 to Lora tbeam)…